North Carolina


The Zoning & Planning Board meet on the second Mondays of each month.  The public is invited & encouraged to attend.  The Board Members are:

Ben Houser
Zoning Administrator

Julie Hochwender

Jeff Jamison

Lisa Hicks

Mildred Shelton

Tim Arnett

The Zoning Ordinance is available to read at Town Hall during normal business hours.


Fee Schedule: (see full listing at Town Hall)


Application for Zoning Compliance: $20 (The Zoning Administrator will come to look and issue you a form of approval (if you comply).  You must have this to get your county building permit)


Signs (On Premise): $25.00 Per Sign


Application for Zoning Change: $500


Application for Conditional Use: $500


Application for Variance: $250


Application for Special Use: $250

Dear Hot Springs Resident,


I hope this letter finds you and yours doing well at the start of the New Year. Looking forward to 2022, the Town of Hot Springs is beginning the process to create a new Comprehensive Plan. Updating the current Comprehensive Plan, which was completed in 2008, is necessary for the Town to remain in line with new North Carolina land use and zoning rules. Creating a new plan will also support the Town's ongoing efforts to secure state and federal grant funds for critical needs like water and sewer infrastructure and road improvements.

Input from residents and business owners is a critical part of the Comprehensive Planning process. This survey offers residents their first opportunity to have their say. Please take about 5 minutes to share your insights to the questions provided. All survey responses will remain confidential. Answers to demographic questions will help gauge whose input may still be needed.

Your survey responses will help shape what issues, needs, and priorities will be addressed as part of the Town's new Comprehensive Plan, which will be completed this Summer. 

The Hot Springs Planning Board is leading the creation of the Comprehensive Plan and is working with Land of Sky Regional Council throughout the process. Please contact Paul Moon, Regional Planner at Land of Sky,, with any questions about the survey or the planning process.


Thanks for taking the time to share your input.


Select this link to take the survey online:


Abigail Norton
Mayor, Town of Hot Springs